Morning Interview

It's 7am and Steve is getting ready to leave for work. Lori wakes up to the bedroom door opening. It's Matt, who is feeling better by the way, and he crawls in bed.

MATT: Morning, Mom. Did you have a nice sleep?

LORI: Yes, I slept ALL NIGHT LONG, thank you. How about you?

MATT: I am stuffed up, but I slept all night long too.

Lori sighs with a "thank God" tone. Matt looks at Steve and Lori's wedding photo framed on our dresser.

MATT: Mom, when were you and Dad married?

LORI: 1995

MATT: Well, that photo should be in black and white!

LORI: (laughing) It's not that old.

MATT: When did you meet Dad?

LORI: 1990

MATT: I was born in 2000 and Mark was born in 2005.

LORI: That's right. You know you are very smart.

MATT: (with confidence) Yep, I know.