Friendly Neighbor or Nuisance?

Last week on Thursday we were greeted by a red tail hawk on our house’s chimney. Stan, our beloved next-door neighbor, met us outside as we watched this enormous bird make himself comfortable. For two hours I heard his squeals echo down our chimney into the living room. At first we thought, “How cool!” Then the noise wore out its welcome and we were longing for this bird to leave.

Since then we have found a family of three red tail hawks in a high tree near our subdivision. Other neighbors are sharing stories about these birds hunting down squirrels and leaving the
carcass on their driveways/sidewalks. GROSS!! So what started out as a wild experience seeing a great bird in our typical subdivision has become a neighborhood nuisance. They travel from one chimney to the next while robins follow them like groupies looking for their next animal of prey. Will this ever end??? I do not need a carcass-surprise at our front door!!!