A Spiritual Meme

Reflecting Him posted this spiritual meme. Now here is mine:

  1. What is your life verse? I made Jesus lord of my life when I read John 14 & 15. These two chapters are drenched in God's love and His purpose in sending Jesus -- the Way, the Truth, and the Life!!
  2. Give a bit of your testimony: Where do I begin? I was born into a Godly family, but like most people I enjoyed the tastes of the world. This included drugs, excessive drinking, and looking for self worth in all the wrong places. It only lead to distruction until I made Jesus Lord. Depsite my failings He picked me up, made me new, and in turn I had to allow Him to be the Potter -- a decision I never regret!!! I have been serving the Lord for 13 years and counting...
  3. Do you have a favorite preacher/teacher? My local church's pastors are wonderful! I also enjoy listening to Charles Stanley and James Dobson.
  4. What is the best bible study you've ever done: NaviPress Life Change Series are excellent!! I have completed Ephesians, James, Romans, and 1 Peter. WOW -- how the Word can change a way of life!!
  5. What do you feel is God's calling in your life? REFLECTING HIM IN DAILY LIVING!! That sums about everything I put my hand to.