Everyday Pumpkins

“What is that crackling noise? Oh no, the food is still cold! Are you kidding me?”

Several months ago our microwave broke. Until GE came to fix our microwave, which took several days by the way, we were forced to use our oven or stovetop. I found myself putting frozen food on a plate and opening the microwave out of habit realizing it is not working.
Seriously with all the cell phones, gizmos, and gadgets I feel like we are spoiled. Times have changed since this photo that's for sure!! Should we be smiling like this preparing a meal? Does this woman have kids at her feet nearly pulling her pants down begging for dinner to be done sooner. I think not!

I use my microwave all the time. Most of Matthew’s gluten free food needs to be frozen until ready to use. It defrosts, times my stovetop cooking, melts butter/chocolate, cooks frozen meals lick-a-dee split, and pops popcorn for a family Friday night movie.

Say three cheers for our microwaves: "Hip hip...hooray!!"