When does chaos strike?

Do you have a time of day when everything is crazy? When everyone needs something all at once? You wish you had an extra set of hands?

In our home that time is after school. The moment we walk in the door chaos is about to happen.

Matt attends half day kindergarten. As the van enters the garage he is ready to use his built up energy and ride his bike. Of course Mark cannot be left out, so he follows after Matt with his mini big wheel trying to keep up. Mark has only mastered how to push backwards, but he feels accomplished.

So there I am. Outside. Watching my boys yell, laugh, fight over who gets what and run around. Until...........

“Ok, boys, time to go in!”

Mark is already upset that he has to go inside. He is an outdoor kid through and through. As I carry Mark, Matt wants to start his homework. He grabs his school folder and everything falls out. I need to sort what needs to go back and what stays home. While this is going on Mark is doing his typical I-need-something-now yell letting me know he wants lunch......not later, but now.

Matt thinks he can start his homework right then without reading the directions first.

“Hold on.......put your name on the paper and wait for me to help you read the directions.”

I quickly prepare Mark’s lunch which usually consists of some type of canned veggie with Easy Mac or PB&J. I finally have him settled! Now back to Matt.........

“Ok, it says here........”

Matt starts his homework. Done in 5 minutes. Yes, only 5 minutes! Then he proceeds to read me his "Letter of the Week" book over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I love my son reading, but I am being pulled in so many directions at that very moment. He reminds me again and again that I am not paying attention. I start to feel guilty.

“Mom, I want lunch now.”

So I am back in the kitchen making lunch for Matt while Mark is already done. He wants out to play.

Mark is released. Matt eats lunch. Wait, Mark isn’t quite done because since his brother is eating, he has to........again! Back in the highchair Mark goes.

In a matter of seconds my countertop is cluttered with Matt’s crafts/worksheets. For those who know me, clutter and I do not have a good relationship. Lunch stuff is scattered every which way . I am going through everything from Market Day forms to PTO newletters. There is always something to read and fill out. Information overload!

Everyone is done eating. Clean up time. Wash Mark’s face and hands. Gather all the forms. Pile up Matt’s work for Daddy to see when he comes home. Wipe off the kitchen table. Load the dishwasher. Nag Matt to put his stuff away. Listen to the boys run around and literally screech at one another. Need I go on???

There I am. Longing for Mark’s afternoon nap. Anticipating Matt’s “down time” when I allow him to watch TV or play on the computer. Waiting for MY TIME! It is just around the corner................

And then I prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.