I have been absent from blogland lately. After 9 months of Mark cherishing and calling his bottle “friend”, his parents did the unthinkable and took it away! It was time. We have been met with resistance and down right anger on his part. I can’t blame him.

Up until now we have used the bottle for many things:

But when he is soaking diapers and consistently asking for his “ba ba”, I knew we abused it. I take full responsibility. I am guilty. In comes the irreversible change!

Saturday was emotional for Mark and me. I knew I had to be strong, but it is difficult when your toddler refuses every type of sippy cup you own and is looking everywhere for his beloved bottle. He was searching the cabinets, toy box.....everywhere!!! It was smart to start all this on a Saturday when Steve is home.....ah....my rock!!!

Sunday was a better. We stopped at our local Babies R Us and purchased a new sippy (Platex First Sipper) that he quickly took to. Finally.....an answer!!!

Monday he digressed a bit again. But it didn’t help that he was still getting a bottle before bed. He was confused.

“Where is my bottle this morning if I am getting it at night. It’s somewhere in this house!!!”

So last night we decided to make another decision: Take away the bottle for good! Cold turkey!

After Mark’s bath I brought him down for what usually is his bedtime bottle. He saw the sippy and arched his back as if to say “No way, Jose!!” After trying and trying he finally took it. However, he was up four times last night. I would just pick him up, sit with him, and he would drift back off. I put him back down -- asleep again. Talk about a huge adjustment for Little Man.

We will get through this awkward time! I will be strong! I am ready to pack these bottles up and burn them!