Family + Food + Games = FUN!!

The title sums it up for me.

My parents and brother, Jeff, came over to celebrate Labor Day. We expected my brother, Mike, and his family, but he was battling a nasty cold and needed some rest.

I was so excited to make brats with this new gluten free beer I found at our local grocery store. Let me tell you – DELICIOUS!!! I simmered them with onions and finished them on the grill. As Rachael Ray would say: “Yummo!” We stuffed ourselves until we were about to pop.

We spent time playing Uno and Spongebob Life. Why is it that everyone gangs up on me during
a game? Steve and Matt are so happy to “stick it to mom”. It just isn’t fair! Boo Hoo I’ll have to endure many years of this torment that’s for sure.

My dad is doing well. He enjoyed time with Matt and always is the fun storyteller when Mark is around. I heard that belly laugh many times. So sweet.

“How big is Mark? SOOOOOOOO BIG!!”

“Where is your belly?” (Mark lifts his shirt) “There it is!”

“Do you like your applesauce?” (Mark literally is drinking his bowl) “That’s our Marky!”

And then there is Uncle Jeff with Matt. I can’t even count how many times we heard.....

“Uncle Jeff...”
“Hey, Uncle Jeff...”
“Guess what, Uncle Jeff...”
“Do you know what, Uncle Jeff...”
“Uncle Jeff, watch this...”

Family time. It doesn’t get any better than this.