Everyday Tomatoes

"...For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11

Now that Mark is over HFM Disease and Matthew is healthy as a lark, I can sit back and think of things that make my every day special. One thing that came to mind is owning two vehicles.

I know this sounds like the norm for the average American family, but back when I was in diapers, it was not common to have two forms of transportation in the garage. My mom ran errands when my dad would come home from work. I do not remember tagging along while my mom ran my brothers to preschool, grocery shopped, or went to the mall. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home and played with neighbors. Looking back, it gave us stability and great health -- no frequent trips to "Micky D's".

However while my husband is at work, I am thankful for the freedom to gather my boys, hop in the van, and take off. We can tackle errands during the day and when Steve arrives home, we spend that time as a family. To leave at a moments notice for whatever destination the day takes us is really something we all take for granted.

Then again, my mom made it without Starbucks' drive-thrus and Gymboree sessions. We came out ok!!!


PS All you NASCAR fans out there, my husband was able to grab two tickets for the race in Chicago and is taking Matthew. Should be a fun time for them if the little guy holds up. What a gamble!!!