Works for Me: Extra Gas!

I know, you are probably thinking, "What a title, Lori. How will this work for me?" Trust me, this WFMW installment is a must if you own a gas grill.

You are grilling mouthwatering beef tenderloins. You go out to flip the meat when you realize the gas grill isn't as hot as it was in the beginning. "OH NO, the gas tank is empty!!!" So you send your hubby out to fill the tank quickly while your meat sits on the grill drying out, etc. Have you been there? We have!

Easy solution: invest in an extra tank!!! We purchased another one this summer and kicked ourselves. "Why haven't we had two before?" Now we always keep one full in the garage ready for those emergencies. Our tenderloins are juicy, our ribs smokey, and our grilling experience secure.

Enjoy your summer and your grill!!!