Typical Weekend

It was a typical weekend. The temperatures have been climbing around here. Today the heat index is supposed to reach 110 degrees. Unless we plan on playing in the water outside, we will remain indoors with our beloved A/C.

Saturday I enjoyed another day of mowing. It was SO hot out!! I had to take frequent breaks and the grass was so tall. Four bags of clippings are ready for garbage day Wednesday. Again, my work was great if I do say so myself. A neighbor joked asking, “What lawn service do you use?” Hee hee!!

Sunday we attended church as a family. Seems like ages since we have done that. Either one of the kids was sick and the weekend before Steve was recovering from surgery. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to attending our church’s service together. Maybe it is because Mark is in the nursery and Matt is having a blast in Treasureland – ah, a nice break! Maybe it is because the messages there are life changing and my family has grown in many areas. We are always living and learning……

Monday is here and I am prepared to endure another week of Matt’s park camp chauffeuring and running usual errands. We are already purchasing school supplies for Matt’s upcoming year of kindergarten. Steve is back at work improving day by day. I have to admit; I like having things quieter around here. Last week I played the role of nurse, wife, mother, chef, and grounds keeper all in one.

So my blogging mind has been in neutral. Nothing spectacular is happening here just the same old stuff. Then again, no news is good news. Enjoy your week!