Stress Levels on the Rise!!!

Talk about a weekend full of anxieties!

Friday Steve had his gall bladder removed. We arrived at the hospital around 6:30am. Steve was taken in for surgery around 8:45am (not 7:30am as planned) thanks to an emergency. We finally left around 3pm. Everything went well, but it was a long day. Steve usually does not take to anesthesia well, so it takes a longer period of time for him to "come out". He was nauseated for the rest of the day and night. It's amazing how the nurses are ready to kick you out once you can stand up! That's what "outpatient surgery" is all about.

When we arrived home I noticed Mark felt warmer than usual. He spiked a fever around 101 and is still hot today. He has no other symptoms, so we'll see if a trip to the doctor is necessary by Monday. Just another reason my stress level is through the roof!

The night before Steve's surgery our garage door's motor busted too. I know - AAAAHHH!!! Thankfully Steve's dad came up Saturday to help fix it and it is working again.

I was so angry Friday night because it feels I never battle one thing at a time. One thing piles on another......on another......on another......

God sustains me and embraces me!! I will come out with victory in the end as I grow in wisdom and strength. God is good and His mercy endures forever!!!